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When I was a young lad racing Karts, I'd always dreamed of having my own crash helmet painted, I used to print out endless helmet templates and sketch ideas onto them hoping one day I could actually have my own.

It would impress my Dad that I could point out most riders in GP or Superbikes just by their Helmet design - even down to the brand they wore.
I have always just found it so cool and fascinating, so much so that I started painting them myself.

I raced Junior Rotax Karts for several years including a season of British Championships. Years later I took up Motorcycle Racing, which I competed in Various national championships for 5 years, to get to the point I eventually started painting my own crash helmets, day after day for months until I got pretty good. A few of my Racing buddies got in touch wanting me to do theirs, which turned into a bit of a domino effect and before I knew it I had about 10/15 Lid designs in certain Paddocks, Which was pretty cool. Over the years, I have worked on trying to build a good reputation and have got my name out in other disciplines such as Karting, Car Racing & Motocross.

I love what I do and wake up every morning with the same Drive and Passion to deliver the highest quality work for you guys whilst keeping my prices as fair as possible.

As I've been involved in Race Paddocks most of my life I understand how important it is to have your own image and there is nothing better for me than seeing my work out there in the world of racing I adore!

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Dylan Roberts (Founder)