Welcome to DrKolor,

When I was a young boy Kart Racer, I'd always dreamed of having my own unique helmet painted, I used to print endless helmet templates and sketch ideas onto them hoping one day I could actually have my own.

I begged my dad tirelessly but we never got around to having it done, mainly due to the cost at the time (Which I could understand), So I thought one day I'll do that myself.

I raced Junior Rotax Karts for several years including a season of British Championships. Years later I took up Motorcycle Racing, which I competed in Various national championships for 5 years, to get to the point I eventually started painting my own old helmets, day after day for months until I got pretty good. A few of my Race pals got in touch wanting me to do theirs, which turned into a bit of a domino effect and before I knew it I had about 10/15 Lid designs in certain Paddocks, Which was pretty cool. Over the years, I have worked on building a great reputation and have got my name out in other disciplines such as Karting, Car Racing & Motocross.

I love what I do and wake up every morning with the same Drive and Passion to deliver the highest quality work for you guys without charging an arm and a leg!

As I've been involved in Race Paddocks most of my life I understand how important it is to have your own image and there is nothing better for me than seeing my work out there in the world of racing I adore!

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Dylan Roberts (Founder)